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It is suggested to produce portable soft packaged purified water. During the May Day golden week, Master Liu and his family in Dai County, Shanxi Province went on a trip. Before leaving, he was going to bring some purified water, such as porous ceramsite, to quench their thirst on the way. However, Master Liu went through all the supermarkets in the county and couldn't find the pure water suitable for the trip. According to the survey of the purified water market conducted by the Dai County Administration for Industry and Commerce of Shanxi Province, it is not surprising that master Liu is a bit harsh in choosing purified water for tourism. It is indeed difficult to find purified water suitable for tourism in the market

in addition to master Liu, farmer old man Zhang also likes to bring some pure water to quench his thirst when working in the field. But no matter what brand of pure water you buy back every time, it is always in 500ml bottles, and there is no soft package at all. It is also very inconvenient to carry it when working in the field

with the development of urban and rural economy and the improvement of residents' living standards, purified water has become a large number of daily drinking water for people. Especially on the way of traveling, when you are tired from work, you can drink a few mouthfuls to feel cool and quench your thirst. However, no matter what brand of pure water is on the market, it is sold in 500ml bottles, which really brings a lot of inconvenience to consumers. Take Master Liu for example. When the whole family travels with 10 bottles of pure water, it will take up a lot of space in the travel bag, because those plastic bottles of pure water can not change their shape. If it becomes a soft package, it is also 500ml per bag, you can save a lot of places in your travel bag. In addition, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, empty bottles after drinking should be brought back for unified treatment and will not be thrown away at will. Therefore, bringing back those empty bottles will also take up the travel bag, but the price is very low. The single-purpose tensile testing machine with electromechanical as the power source is commonly known as the same space in which electric pulling is widely used. It will be a lot easier to bring back the soft packaging after drinking

in addition, according to relevant data, the transparent pure water bottle packaging currently sold in the market is made of petroleum. Under the situation that the sales volume of purified water in China is increasing year by year and the world energy supply is becoming increasingly tight, shouldn't this expensive packaging material and high packaging cost be gradually improved? Therefore, the development and production of replaceable soft packaged purified water will be of great benefit to reduce energy consumption and sales cost

according to the investigation, the sale of purified water in rural areas is not ideal, and the main reason is that the price is a little high. For example, in rural areas, it costs only 0.5 yuan to buy 500ml of bulk vinegar, 1 yuan per 500ml of soft packaged vinegar, and 1.2 to 1.5 yuan for 500ml of bottled purified water. Such a price certainly exceeds the level of consumption borne by farmers. If the bottled water can be changed into flexible packaging, it will certainly increase the sales of purified water in rural areas by a large margin

nowadays, whether pure milk or breakfast milk with 1 or 2 drops of sewing machine oil or watch oil added after repair and cleaning, sales are very good in rural areas, mainly because the cost of flexible packaging is low and farmers are willing to accept it. It is hoped that pure water production enterprises will also develop ideas, conduct investigation and research, and produce more and cheaper soft packaged pure water, which will be welcomed by consumers

source: China Food News

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