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Hebei has made great efforts to develop the flexible packaging industry and achieved results

while expanding the market space, the northern food industry has brought business opportunities to the flexible packaging industry. Facing the current situation of short supply, Hebei flexible packaging enterprises continue to expand their production lines

it is reported that Longyao and Julu counties located in Hebei Province are national high-quality wheat production bases. After several years of development, several large-scale food enterprise groups, such as Hualong Group, Zhongwang group, ZTE group, tianshuai group, have emerged, which are the main reason why the operation system of small panels has not been widely used according to the estimated maximum load, and their products include dozens of varieties of instant noodles, biscuits, candies and so on. In order to become bigger and stronger, enterprises have introduced overseas and even foreign capital and technology. It is expected to attract more than one billion yuan of foreign capital for technological transformation, expansion of production scale, integration of marketing resources, etc

the expansion of many food enterprises has brought huge business opportunities to their upstream enterprises, especially flexible packaging enterprises. Hebei Tianlong Color Printing Co., Ltd. is about to introduce the fifth production line when the four production lines are still in short supply at full capacity. The production lines of gravure printing, drying, extrusion, cutting and bag making of Yangpu Branch of Hebei Eka Industrial Co., Ltd. and Julu Tianxin Color Printing Co., Ltd. are also running at full capacity

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