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Tips for using printers tips for printing

tips for maintaining inkjet printers

● place the printer on the horizontal desktop

due to the working mode of the inkjet printer itself, the place where the printer is placed must be a horizontal plane. Tilting will not only affect the printing effect, slow down the working speed of the nozzle, but also damage the internal mechanical structure. The printer should not be placed on the ground, especially on the carpeted ground. It is possible to realize the development and finalization of more than 10 kinds of super thick forgings used in the transportation (2) 0 large transport machine. It is easy for foreign matters or dust to enter the machine

● take dust prevention measures

when the printer is working, do not open the front panel to avoid dust blowing into the machine. After printing and heat dissipation for half an hour, cover the dust cover immediately

● turn off the machine before unplugging

do permanent power off before not using the printer or moving it. First turn off the printer power (if any), reset the nozzle and cover the ink box, and then unplug the power line and signal line. Prevent the ink from volatilizing, and it is not easy to damage the nozzle when moving

● install the ink cartridge carefully

it can become as soft as rubber 1. The support mechanism of the ink cartridge can withstand very little force. Be careful when installing a new ink cartridge. According to the normal design, the ink cartridge can be installed with appropriate force, and do not push the support vigorously

● timely cleaning

the outside and inside of the printer should be cleaned regularly, and don't wait until it is covered with a thick layer of dust to remedy problems. The outside of the printer can be wiped with a soft cloth with warm water. The cleaning liquid must be neutral substances such as water, and alcohol must not be used. Try to wipe the interior with a dry cloth, and do not touch the internal electronic components, mechanical devices, etc

nozzle cleaning should not be done manually. The best way is to use the print head cleaning program controlled by software. Especially after adding ink, be sure to clean the print head to prevent solidification caused by the mixing of the two inks. In addition, if the print quality is degraded during printing, such as stripe stripes and color fading, the nozzle also needs to be cleaned

if the software cleaning method fails, it proves that the blockage is serious, which is usually caused by the printer not being used for a long time or the power failure during use, and the nozzle is not reset. With the syringe facing the nozzle, constantly pull the pressure device, let the high-speed air flow clean the nozzle, and suck out the remaining ink, which is a kind of ink saving cleaning method

if the first manual cleaning method fails, prepare to disassemble the printer. First turn off the power, unplug and completely disconnect the power. Disassemble the moving shaft and rotate the belt, then carefully pick up the print head and rinse it with distilled water. Then use a syringe and a soft hose to form a spray system and insert it into the ink inlet hole for cleaning. Be extremely careful in both steps. Never let water touch the circuit board. If you vigorously promote enterprise innovation and unfortunately wet the circuit board, you should immediately dry it with an electric hair dryer. Finally, install it back into the printer, and execute the software cleaning program again to let the ink wash away the distilled water in the nozzle

● avoid heavy pressure on the printer

some people often place other objects on the printer, which may crush the printer shell, and some small things will fall into the printer. Of course, drinks and tea cups are forbidden

● you must use ink when you install it

because the color ink cartridge is expensive, users are reluctant to use it, but it will also bring a lot of trouble. Every time the nozzle sprays ink, there is always residual ink left nearby. Often use the inkjet printer, and the new ink in the ink cartridge will wash away the remaining ink last time, otherwise they will slowly solidify, causing nozzle blockage. Even without ink, the machine will automatically clean the nozzle at regular intervals, which will cause greater waste

when any ink is out of ink, replace it with a new ink cartridge as soon as possible. Some people think that black ink is not needed for color printing. In fact, the color ink mixed is not pure black, and the printer will also report an error and cannot print

● its famous PORON polyurethane foam has excellent resistance to shrinkage and deformation. Do not use a variety of inks

the chemical composition of inks used by various manufacturers is different. Try to choose the same brand and do not change frequently to avoid damage to ink cartridges and print heads. The ink cartridge has a certain service life, and the number of inking is not unlimited. Usually, the safe method is to replace it within ten times

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