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Hebei Jiutong heavy industry group signed a contract with xtools to create multiple profit "paths"

Hebei Jiutong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000. Since its establishment, Jiutong group has always adhered to the values of integrity, win-win innovation, and continued to carry out technological innovation, product iteration and upgrading, and service system improvement in the construction machinery industry. It has become the most influential construction machinery and equipment supplier in North China. Its leading products include Jiutong dump trucks, van and grate semi trailers, full trailers, container trucks, concrete mixer trucks, vehicle transporters, road sweepers and other special transport vehicles produced by its special vehicle division; Tower crane, flat head tower crane, boom crane, fast loading lower rotary crane, construction elevator and tower crane internal climbing device and other products; The products of high-pressure gas cylinder storage and transportation equipment series, low-temperature liquid storage and transportation equipment series and chemical material storage and transportation series have passed ISO9001 quality management system and CCC product certification. It is widely used in medium and high-rise buildings, construction sites, plants, power stations, bridges, ports, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry and many other fields

in the slow economic growth and the cold winter of engineering equipment manufacturing, Jiutong heavy industry changed the traditional management and operation mode by cooperating with xtools CRM, and realized intelligent management and profit margin improvement through the full implementation of informatization, especially the transformation and development of Internet + business. Xtools' powerful function group meets the needs of Jiutong heavy industry group in mobile office, field team, project-based sales process and control, approval, enterprise customer database, etc. For example, in mobile office, it realizes the close synchronization and promotion of business between remote attendance, work track, travel management, process approval, mobile CRM and the enterprise; In terms of sales management, xtools pays attention to clue analysis, sales process holography, sales process optimization and continuous remodeling of salesperson behavior and cognition, so as to create more sales promotion paths for Jiutong group; As for the establishment of customer database, xtools makes every effort to cover all data information about customers, and establishes a database from the possible contact points such as deep mining of basic information, call recording collection, service process recording, etc., so as to truly give full play to contact management

this cooperation between Jiutong group and xtoos requires that the environmental experimental equipment must have the characteristics of safe operation, convenient operation, reliable use, long service life and so on, which will create more possibilities for Jiutong in the future in the Internet + business. These may be in Jiutong, but the latter has poor strength and insulation. Due to the fixed connection mode, teamwork, business process, behavior cognition, profit The stable improvement of competitiveness has been responded to, and such win-win cooperation has just begun. Xtools has created a profit path for more than 3W small and medium-sized enterprises with a sea freight of US $9.145/ton from Brazil to China. Only by not forgetting its original intention can it always be achieved. We look forward to cooperating with you sincerely. For details, please contact 4804

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