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Hebei Insurance Association will still organize and hold a symposium on marketing channels

Hebei news (correspondent Liu Yongzhi, Han Lili) in order to promote the work exchange and standardized management of telemarketing channels and better protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, Hebei Insurance Association recently organized and held a symposium on telemarketing business of life insurance companies, with the participation of relevant personnel of China Life Insurance, Agricultural Bank of China Life Insurance and other companies

at the meeting, Hebei Insurance Association introduced the development of Hebei telemarketing business in 2016, and reported the overall operation and maintenance of Hebei personal insurance marketing no dial number registration platform (hereinafter referred to as the no dial platform). And relevant management systems were trained and studied. The participating companies exchanged information on their own e-marketing business development, product structure, team building, workplace construction, and information maintenance of the dial ban platform

finally, three points of consensus were reached: first, strictly implement the "measures for the management of life insurance sales business" and carry out e-marketing business in accordance with the law. Second, we should not only fundamentally transform the plastic granulator process, but also fully implement the "Hebei personal insurance business sales ban standard" to eliminate disturbing residents. Third, we should upload and download platform data in strict accordance with the screening criteria, and attach great importance to the timely sharing of data

it is reported that in order to regulate the E-marketing business, in 2013, the CIRC issued the "measures for the management of life insurance sales business", which put a tight hoop on marketing, preventing the risk of misleading sales to a certain extent. Since the establishment of the Registration Platform of the no dialing number for personal insurance marketing in Hebei Province, the no dialing platform of Hebei Insurance Association has recorded a total of 66887 pieces of information, which has effectively alleviated the disturbing situation of the decline of insurance experimental costs, and has played an important role in maintaining the reputation of the industry and provided more choices

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