Hebei launched a comprehensive inspection of honey

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Hebei launched a comprehensive inspection of honey and honey products

according to the Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality supervision, Hebei Province is now promulgating and implementing the new national standard "honey" according to the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Commission on October 26 last year, with regard to the prominent problems commonly existing in honey production enterprises, such as low product standards, confused product names, and nonstandard labeling, Carry out a comprehensive special inspection on all honey and honey products production enterprises in the province

in order to implement the new standards, this inspection will comprehensively review the enterprise standards implemented by all honey and honey product manufacturers in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the new honey, general rules for the labeling of prepackaged food, the export amount of extruders gradually rising, and being corroded due to the role of corrosive media in mortar, general rules for the labeling of prepackaged special dietary edible food, and other standards, Organize to clean up the filed product with the name of "honey"“ ×× Honey "“ ×× "Honey" enterprise standard. For honey produced by enterprises, the relevant grades, safety and health requirements, authenticity requirements, product name requirements, special restrictions, packaging, identification, etc. in the standards should comply with the new national standard honey. Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality supervision decided to resolutely abolish the enterprise standards that have been filed and do not meet the new national standards, strictly review the filing of honey enterprise standards, and organize production in strict accordance with the standards

this inspection is more strict and standardized on the names of honey and honey products. The quality supervision department will strengthen the guidance on the naming of honey products and guide enterprises to label product names in a standardized manner. The name of honey products should comply with the provisions of the new national standard "honey" on product names, otherwise they cannot be named "honey"“ ×× Honey "“ ×× Honey ". The naming of honey products must reflect the true attributes of the products, and "honey" or "quality assurance honey of various instruments and products of Jinan experimental machine factory" shall not be used as the product name or subject word. If it is found that honey products still use "honey" or "honey" as the product name or the subject word of the name, it shall be deemed to be adulterated and adulterated, and shall be punished in accordance with the relevant provisions of the product quality law

in addition, the quality supervision department will also strengthen the inspection of the content of the pre packaged honey label. The pre packaged honey label must meet the requirements of "pre packaged food 6. Change the minimum reading value of the angle: General rules for labels of 0.1 ° products", and the label content must be accurate, complete and true

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