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Hebei: heavy money to create a leader in Zhangjiakou printing industry

on August 10, 2011, Zhangjiakou newspaper industry reported that with the economic recovery, the construction project of the printing company of Zhangjiakou Media Co., Ltd. broke ground. After completion, Zhangjiakou will have the most advanced equipment and printing technology. 4 Cement mortar mixer, a printing industry leader in modern management

in order to meet the needs of cultural system reform, improve the printing capacity, printing quality and scientific and technological level of newspapers, and seek greater development, with the strong support of Zhangjiakou Municipal Committee and municipal government, which is generally caused by buffer failure, Zhangjiakou newspaper media Co., Ltd. actively responded to the new situation of newspaper business development, and invested 20million yuan to establish a printing company in Dongshan Industrial Agglomeration Area. The newly built printing company covers an area of 22 mu, and plans to build a 2500 square meter comprehensive office building. The two alloys can be mixed in any proportion with a 2100 square meter newspaper printing workshop, and introduce printing production lines with advanced technology. After the completion of the project, it can not only realize the printing of two folio double-sided colors at one time, greatly improve the printing capacity of newspapers, increase the number of color printing pages, improve the printing quality, and fully meet the information needs of the audience for novelty and speed. At the same time, the printing company will also contract a variety of business printing businesses for the society, laying a solid foundation for the multi-channel operation and diversified development of Zhangjiakou newspaper media Co., Ltd

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