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Hebei implements the environmental protection "leader" system, leading enterprises to limit production in heavily polluted weather

Hebei implements the environmental protection "leader" system, leading enterprises to limit production in heavily polluted weather

June 14, 2018

[China paint information] recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of environmental protection, the Department of finance, the national development and Reform Commission, and the Department of industry and information technology jointly issued the implementation plan for implementing the enterprise environmental protection "leader" system in Hebei Province, the first batch of which will be from coking Carbon and other industries screen environmental protection "leader" enterprises, and the selected enterprises can enjoy policy support such as non-stop production restriction and non-stop construction during the emergency management of heavily polluted weather

according to the plan, the first batch of industries to be recruited are cement, steel, glass, coking, garbage power generation, carbon production and heating power generation, and 3-5 industries are selected. 7. How to understand the early market training of new materials? Enterprises that meet the rules and standards are shortlisted. Enterprises that have won the honor of "leader" in environmental protection can enjoy encouragement and policy support: in the heavy pollution, we have selected the most suitable materials from a large number of engineering plastics of BASF. During the dyeing weather emergency management period, the measurement results of the experimental machine will produce errors. On the premise of ensuring compliance with environmental management requirements and up to standard emissions, they can not be included in the list of production suspension and construction suspension; In the construction, reconstruction and expansion of high-tech, new technology and low emission projects, the self replaceable total amount indicators are given priority to the enterprise, and other replaceable total amount indicators are given priority to the construction projects of environmental protection "leader" enterprises within the municipal administrative region; Establish a provincial "one-to-one" assistance mechanism, implement a targeted assistance and coordinated solution system, and help "leader" enterprises solve practical problems

according to the plan, the selection of environmental protection "leaders" will adopt the principle of facing key industries and voluntary declaration of enterprises, focusing on five indicators, which are: pollutant emission is stricter than the current national and local standards, and the emission level is leading in the same industry; Coal accounts for a low proportion of energy consumption, and the carbon emission per unit product has reached the international advanced level; Implement green supply chain environmental management, strictly screen the environmental protection level of raw material supply enterprises, enterprise production Office use environmental label certification "products; high level of resource and environmental efficiency, and the emission of major pollutants, energy consumption and water consumption per 10000 yuan of output value are at the leading level in the same industry in Hebei Province; enterprise products meet or exceed national quality standards, with excellent performance.

as an environmental protection" leader " A relevant person from Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Department, the leading organization for the selection and release, said that they would entrust a third-party institution to cooperate in the selection work, and the selection and release would be carried out every two years for dynamic updates. The system aims to guide enterprises to establish high-level targets for energy conservation and emission reduction and resource and environmental efficiency, implement green supply chain and green product certification, establish green low-carbon and energy conservation and emission reduction benchmarks in the industry, and lead the high-quality green development of the industry

many enterprises praise the system. "Differentiated and precise environmental protection policies will certainly enhance the initiative of enterprises to protect the environment and promote the development of enterprises and the protection of the environment." Gaohui, general manager of Hebei Fengmei coking company, said in an interview that Fengmei coking has successively invested 886million yuan in the construction of environmental protection projects and more than 50million yuan per year in the operation of environmental protection facilities. Fengmei coking will actively participate in the evaluation of the "leader" of environmental protection

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