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Foreigners to Qingdao: it's strange to pack beer in plastic bags

in the afternoon of August 3, five staff members of the Croatian Olympic sailing team arrived in Qingdao. On the evening of August 4, they gathered in the caf é of Gloria business hotel around the sea to taste seafood and exchange their experiences of a day in Qingdao. Administrative officer Frodo and team doctor Ding long went to Jimo road commodity market early in the morning. The restaurants here are so strange that beer is packed in plastic bags. We stood in front of the beer barrel and studied for a long time. And Guan ailinka is more interested in urban operation volunteers. The volunteers I interviewed are very interesting. It is estimated that I have to stay up late and work overtime to write a manuscript. Isolia, a consultant who drank Tsingtao beer once 20 years ago, is going to the beer street to continue his Tsingtao Beer complex

on the evening of August 4, Frodo, the administrative officer of the Croatian Olympic sailing team, led his four colleagues to the cafe of the Kailai business hotel around the sea. It is reported that the five staff members of the Croatian Olympic Sailing Team transferred from Beijing to Qingdao at 4 p.m. on August 3. In order to welcome these guests from afar, the hotel specially made a cake in the shape of Fuwa Jingjing. As soon as the cake was served on the table, it attracted everyone's admiration. Team doctor Ding long jumped up from his chair and ran back to the room to get the camera. Prawns, scallops and salmon slices are all delicious. The seafood here is really delicious. Coach Bula told him that although it was his first time to Qingdao, he had heard about Qingdao's seafood for a long time. My team members have trained in Qingdao for three consecutive years. Every time they return home, they will mention the seafood they have eaten here. Is there a dish called spicy clam? I have listened to them countless times. But at present, Bula is more interested in the scallion bass made in the hotel. He picked up his plate several times to pick up this dish

the official worked overtime to write stories

different from the leisurely complacency of everyone, the official elinka ate a piece of cake and was ready to leave. I still have many manuscripts to write. Elenka told that her job is mainly to interview and report the Olympic sailing race and what she saw and heard in Qingdao, and send the report back to the country in time for the use of Croatian media. Early in the morning of August 4, eleka went to the street to look for materials. The Olympic atmosphere in Qingdao is so strong that there are many Olympic posters and sculptures on buildings, roads and squares. There is a large sculpture made of flowers on the May 4th Square, where I took many photos. The most interesting thing for elenka is the volunteers of urban operation. I interviewed two volunteers, and their experiences were very interesting. I guess I have to work overtime tonight

shopping and studying beer in plastic bags

I'll tell you a very strange thing. The humorous Frodo suddenly became serious and attracted the attention of several colleagues. For3 After installing the thermocouple in the furnace, the thermocouple in the center of the sample and the thermocouple on the surface of the sample, Lado told everyone that on the morning of August 4, he and Ding long left for Jimo road commodity market. In the small restaurants along the street, Frodo found many people carrying plastic bags full of beer in their hands. What the hell is going on? How do they drink beer with plastic bags? Feeling incredible, Frodo and Ding long simply stood in front of a beer barrel in a hotel and studied it carefully. I thought they would use a straw to suck the beer in the plastic bag. After watching it for a while, I learned that they poured the beer in the plastic bag into the glass. The two people who thought they knew the way also bought a bag of loose beer, but we couldn't pour it in at all, and the beer spilled all over the floor. At this point, Frodo and Ding long couldn't help laughing

speaking of Tsingtao beer, isolia, a silent consultant, couldn't help but interrupt. I drank Tsingtao Beer 20 years ago and entered more channels for development! Isolia's speech really calmed the crowd. Originally, there was a bar in isolia's hometown. The owner liked to collect beer brands from all over the world. At that time, I just graduated and went to the bar with my friends. The boss recommended this kind of beer from China to us. When he learned that there was a beer street in Qingdao, isolia said that he wanted to realize the transformation from the industrial development and expansion period to the industrial maturity period. He went there to continue his Tsingtao Beer complex. He saw the functional features and operating steps of the drop hammer impact tester shared by our company for you. Our newspaper Li Bing Intern chenshunjie

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