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Caodewang: it's not so easy for the United States to restore its manufacturing power

the 2018 China Development Forum Symposium themed "China: a new journey of reform and a new realm of opening up" was held at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. As a "Glass King" who "responded" to Trump's call for tax reduction, Cao Dewang was the first Chinese enterprise to set up factories in the United States. But in the United States, none of them encountered problems such as high labor costs

at the sub forum of "challenges and future of the global trading system", Cao Dewang, founder and chairman of Fuyao Glass Group, said that the friendly relations between China and the United States have not come easily, and both sides should cherish it. China and the United States are interdependent in industrial structure. He also said that he had planned to retire in September, but he did not think it would be easy to retire after the Sino US trade war

he said that Sino US trade is highly complementary, and it is not so easy for the United States to restore the manufacturing power. "All the things that the United States needs, such as Nike shoes, have been moved to various countries for production. There are no factories at home. Now when it comes to restoring a large manufacturing country, I say wait a minute. Your industrialization began in the mid-1970s, and now for more than 40 years, there is nothing. The boss of the investment factory is gone, the workers are gone, and the management cadres are gone."

Cao Dewang frankly said that factories in the United States now "can't hire people, lack hundreds of people, can't hire"

the following is the transcript of his speech:

Cao Dewang: first of all, let's make it clear to you that my speech does not represent any institution, including Fuyao Group, where I work, but only represents me

I seldom participate in such activities. At the invitation of the conference, I am very interested, mainly to hear about the Sino US trade war. If this doesn't happen, Fuyao has announced that I'm going to retire in September. After this happened, I don't think it's suitable to retire

I have personally witnessed the 40 years of reform and opening up. Americans are now accusing us. Of course, not all Americans, but most Americans. I agree with Mr. Zoellick's speech just now. As a retired person, I want to tell those people that you should be very serious and solve the problem with a mutually acceptable solution. Sino US trade frictions should have a very serious and responsible attitude. Because the friendship between China and the United States is hard won. It came from the cold war for 30 years, followed by Nixon and Deng Xiaoping, two excellent politicians, who contributed to this. I don't think it's very meaningful to argue about this all day now

I experienced this. In 1978, I proposed reform and opening up. At that time, China was very poor. It was 1995 that I ended shopping with tickets. Within a few years, we joined the WTO. In 2001, we joined the WTO. It is only 18 years until this year. How have we come over the past 18 years? What have we done? China saved the Asian financial crisis in 1997. If there were no China at that time, the world would be in chaos, and the U.S. financial crisis in 2008 would be ahead of schedule. In 2008, the U.S. financial crisis, the Chinese people jumped out without hesitation. Paulson wrote this paragraph in his autobiography. He came to the Chinese government for coordination, and Wang Qishan and other leaders came out to echo him

the Chinese jumped in to save the United States in 2008. The Chinese government is committed to joining the WTO

China is a country with a transitional society. It is inevitable that it is a process problem to have a sense of the treaty and to unify the thinking of 1.3 billion people. I think Chinese negotiators should also recognize that these issues are realistic and should list out how to change them. I often think of a problem that the Chinese do not study the Americans enough, and the Americans do not study the Chinese enough. I said you don't want to do this. According to the average GDP, I ranked more than 100. Since I ranked more than 100, isn't it a country that should be protected? Moreover, Chinese people have strong personalities and are difficult to talk about. You point a gun at him, ask him whether he will change, and he says I won't change, you shoot. How about you? The trade between China and the United States is highly complementary. China imports Boeing aircraft from the United States. It is easy to buy aircraft, and the parts of an aircraft are more expensive than aircraft. We can not buy Boeing aircraft, but do we want to buy spare parts? We must buy it, or we can't fly out. What the United States needs, as chairman Ning said just now, nike shoes have all been moved to foreign countries for production, and there is no factory in China. Now when it comes to restoring a large manufacturing country, I say you wait. Deindustrialization began in the mid-1970s. In the past 40 years, nothing has happened. There are no bosses, workers and management cadres who invest in factories. I have been working there for 23 years. Now we can't hire people. We are short of hundreds of people. I have a factory in Ohio. What's the problem? To restore the manufacturing power, you need to mobilize all policies, laws and regulations, and ideas to the level of the 1970s. If you don't mobilize relevant policies, I believe you can't do it. It doesn't mean that if you go to industrialization today, you can produce things tomorrow. There is no door. We still need both sides to sit down and negotiate realistically

the United States should not put what it does not have on China's head. The Chinese should admit that I have made a commitment, and I should make a good commitment if I have not implemented it. The American Chamber of commerce also discussed this issue with me. I told Allen not to talk nonsense. We will report to the people after we make it clear. I hope that the Chinese side will carefully consider the issue of Sino US trade and cherish the friendly relations between the United States and China. I asked many Chinese people about the pendulum impact test sample, and he said he was not afraid. Because there are more than 100 people in the ranking, it doesn't matter to rank a few more. If he really thinks so, the United States will surely be ruined. I think it is inappropriate to deal with it in this way. Both sides should look for a direction of progress. This is the way to solve the problem

when I come here to attend this meeting, I want to express my views and seek the attention of experts, scholars and government officials from all countries. Let's put aside our airs, don't talk angrily, and solve problems for the two peoples in a serious and responsible manner. The United States needs China, and China also needs the United States. The China us friendship association will promote the effective and stable development of the global economy. At this time, I think it is worthwhile to use this way to solve our own crisis. History will judge what happened

as Chinese entrepreneurs who invest in the United States, they are particularly concerned about Sino US trade relations. They attach a pendulum to the release device. Just like American entrepreneurs who invest in China, they still have expectations for stable Sino US trade relations. We welcome the "harmony and wealth" of China US trade, but it is only wishful thinking. Therefore, the author advises Chinese entrepreneurs investing in the United States to see justice in the long run and not to lose everything for short-term interests. Today, Huawei and Alibaba are excluded by the United States. Who will it be tomorrow? Relying on the American market, ZTE has paid the "Tuition", and it may be your turn tomorrow. Of course, building factories and selling locally in the United States is also a scientific marketing method for enterprises, but at the same time, it is also contributing to the increase of employment and tax revenue in the United States. Please take care of it

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