It's better to give people a technology than to gi

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It's better to give people a thousand dollars than to give people a technology, Yike chemical industry, free technical support in the West

it's better to give people a thousand dollars than to give people a technology, Yike chemical industry, free technical support in the West

May 24, 2001

recently, in order to support the west to get rid of poverty and get rich as soon as possible, Qingdao Yike Chemical Co., Ltd. decided to transfer the newly developed nano -

meter emulsion paint technology to qualified enterprises in the West free of charge. This unique way of poverty alleviation is still rare in this area,

has been highly praised by people, which is for equipment manufacturers of recycled plastic granulators

Yike company is an enterprise founded by several college students, mainly producing various latex paints. They pay attention to the technical content and quality of products, making the products become local hot selling brands, and also exported to Beijing, Dalian and other places. The newly developed nano

meter emulsion paint adopts nanotechnology, which can make the emulsion and organic pigment components in the paint have strong color retention. It has the advantages of

UV resistance, aging resistance, good color retention, etc., and its durability is more than twice that of traditional products. After listing, some alloys, such as 2XXX series alloys with high alloying, 7xxx series alloys, 5xxx series alloys with Mg content greater than 6%, aluminum lithium alloys, aluminum scandium alloys, etc., can not be produced, let alone mass produced to

, which has become a new economic growth point of Yike company

many employees don't understand the company's free gift of this "cash cow". They think that nano coatings, as a new and high technology, have been successfully developed at a great cost. Is it a little too easy to send them out so easily

besides, it is still unknown whether the backward management mode in the west can be used well

In this regard, Wang Zhaohuan, general manager of the company, explained that as a successful college student, he responded to the call of the National People's Congress to support the people of Western China. Considering that Yike company is also in the entrepreneurial stage and has no idle funds to support reliable and stable operation and poverty, only by teaching them the most advanced product technology and making it have the "golden key" that can turn stone into gold, can it get rid of the root of poverty. Yike chemical believes that for an enterprise, its products are always updated. According to the current restrictions of sales

and transportation costs, it is impossible for the company's products to occupy the western market in two to three years. Rather than confine this good technology to developed regions, it is better to help the people in the west get rid of poverty as soon as possible. I believe that by then, the market will become larger, which is good for the long-term interests of the company. As for whether the production mode in the west can make good use of high and new technology, there is no need to worry about it. Yike chemical has decided to help them in the whole process from production and sales to operation in the next 10 years until they have the function of "hematopoiesis"

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