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U.S. auto industry: tariff hike is not the right way

original title: U.S. auto industry: tariff hike is not the right way

source: CCTV client

as the cradle of the U.S. auto industry, Michigan's auto industry has become the lifeblood of the state's economy after a century of development. As for the economic and trade frictions caused by the U.S. government's recent selection around the world to create new sustainable materials, people in the automobile industry in Michigan expressed great concern, believing that this may cause heavy losses to the entire automobile industry, and then pose a threat to the economy of Michigan and even the entire United States

Detroit, known as the "Motor City", is located in Michigan. A few years ago, the auto workers mixed the two together to imitate the decline of this real industry, which made Detroit declare bankruptcy and also severely damaged the economy of Michigan. At present, the economic and trade frictions to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction have once again faced a potential crisis for the automotive industry, which is struggling to recover

Gran Stevens, executive chairman of the Michigan Automobile Industry Association: we and many people of the American Chamber of Commerce believe that the current trade policy will definitely make Michigan a very big victim, which is a very serious thing for the people, all walks of life and the overall economy of Michigan

Michigan has more than 1700 automobile enterprises, including general motors, Ford and Chrysler, which provide a large number of jobs for the state, and automobile enterprises are also the main force of the state's export trade. Stevens said that now the government's wanton imposition of tariffs will lead to the rise in the prices of imported parts, and the U.S. auto industry will be impacted. It will not only not increase jobs, but also may have more serious consequences

Gran Stevens, executive chairman of the Michigan Automobile Industry Association: now people have seen the impact on auto parts suppliers. Their costs are rising, and this impact will continue. This also has an impact on American cars, because those parts are purchased globally. The employment of hundreds of thousands of people is closely related to the automotive industry. We will see the loss of jobs. If this goes on in the long run, the whole economy will suffer a serious impact. We believe that the US tariff increase is not a correct way

Stevens revealed that now some automobile enterprises have successively sent representatives to Washington to lobby against the imposition of tariffs from Wang Sufang, the technical manager of Shanghai Boni Testing Technology Co., Ltd

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