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It's not easy for RFID to say I love you

although RFID has good application prospects and broad market space, an unavoidable reality is that the application of RFID in China is still in the cultivation stage. In recent years, he said, China has initially carried out the R & D and industrialization of RFID related technologies, and began to apply them in some fields, but relatively speaking, the application foundation is weak, lacking core technologies, scattered applications, and does not have scale advantages. At present, the core problem of the domestic RFID industry is, on the one hand, cost and standardization: the high cost is the biggest obstacle to its replacement of bar codes, and the domestic standards have not been introduced for a long time, so it is difficult to form an industrial scale. Without scale, in turn, it is difficult to reduce costs, and it is difficult to form popularization and coverage in the application industry. On the other hand, end users do not have a deep understanding of the benefits that RFID can bring. In 2006, the ninth international smart card Expo was held in Beijing, where high-purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil products were widely used in the fields of national major equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, aerospace, rail transit, electronic information and automotive lightweight. The fourth China RFID international summit held at the same time attracted the attention of many people, and basically gathered all domestic enterprises and institutions that made, produced and studied RFID tags, However, the end users who really use RFID tags, such as logistics and manufacturing, are not very enthusiastic

it is precisely because of this that RFID in China has not yet formed a typical enterprise application and lacks demonstration benefits, which in turn affects the further promotion of RFID

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