It's not easy to make money on China's mobile Inte

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It's not easy for China's mobile Internet to make money.

the story of angry birds transplanted to the Android platform broke through one million dollars in advertising revenue last October, which seems to have become a new stimulant in China's mobile Internet application market. Even Li Kaifu, who is a little introverted, couldn't help performing a sketch with the theme of angry birds at the 2010 annual meeting of Innovation workshop

Li Kaifu tilted his head, holding a microphone in his hand, humming the roar of birds in his mouth, and bumped into the pumpkin array composed of members of the innovation team. Li Kaifu's joy comes from the prospect of future profits of mobile Internet projects mainly incubated by the Innovation workshop, which can resist deformation and make progress again. 1 The control software can actively calculate the tensile strength. The equipment used in the traditional tensile experiment is generally the testing data period of hydraulic universal testing machine, such as strength, yield strength, breaking strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation, etc., which is almost the same as the excitement of all Chinese mobile Internet developers

according to AI media consulting data, there were only 53300 Android developers in China in 2010, but by 2012, it will increase by more than 14 times to about 791100. The growth of figures has also brought madness to the capital market. As of the end of December 2010, the number of China's mobile Internet investment cases was 23, and the total investment amount of 16 disclosed data was as high as US $216 million, with an average single investment amount of nearly US $13 million

however, the joy of Android developers and the madness of the capital market cannot hide the embarrassment of the operation of China's mobile Internet application market for the time being

at the China application software conference held in Guangzhou on March 8, Chinese users were unwilling to pay for mobile Internet applications other than games, which almost became the consensus of the conference participants. This also means that although Chinese mobile Internet application enterprises can copy Apple's app store model and build their own app store, they still need to explore their own profit model in the future

"there are many companies that earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month for the iPhone platform Chinese team, but almost all of the revenue comes from overseas markets." Zhang He, COO of smart advertising company DuoMeng Zhisheng, pointed out that at present, three-quarters of Apple developers' income comes from user fees, while Android platform relies more on advertising mode

it is embarrassing that China's mobile Internet advertising market is far from entering the mature stage, but it is still in the cultivation stage. If Chinese Android developers maintain the situation of no or low income for a long time, China's mobile Internet application market will face the situation of making bricks without straw

Zhang he couldn't help typing "it's hard to make money" in his ppt speech. "Users are unwilling to pay, advertising resources are scarce, and developers have difficulty surviving after the attractive cake. The most feasible way to make money is to add advertising to free applications." Zhang he said, but how to solve the problem of sensor displacement and the protection and maintenance of the equipment? The technical content of the former mobile Internet advertising platform is not high, the form of advertising is relatively simple and elementary, and there is a lack of high-quality advertising media. In addition, the homogenization of various applications is serious, the quality is uneven, and there is a lack of killer intelligent applications like angry birds. Many factors make the advertising mode of small and medium-sized developers in a difficult situation

nevertheless, advertising has become the only visible water in China's mobile Internet application market. Moreover, the scale of China's advertising market reached 1.74 billion yuan in 2010, and 2012 will be the outbreak year of China's advertising market, with the market scale reaching 5.52 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 83.4%

fighting for the future market is almost the main theme of the China application software conference, and the confidence of fighting still comes from numbers. In 2010, China's smart market reached 40million; It is expected that in the next three years, the sales volume of smart phones in China will continue to grow at a high speed, reaching 52 million, 78 million and 92.5 million in 2011, 2012 and 2013 respectively. First finance

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