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It's better to fight for creativity than to fight for Dad. Look at the "concentrated" essence of the printing industry

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core tip: in today's society, competition is fierce, how to stand out in the printing industry? This is no longer a problem that "fight dad" can solve. Now enterprises are beginning to fight for creativity. Then the problem comes again. How can we be found at a glance in the ocean of creativity? That requires a little effort on features. today, Let's take a look at the "smallest" creative products in the printing industry. They all say that the concentrated is the essence, so let's open our eyes!

[China Packaging News] In today's society, with fierce competition, how to stand out in the printing industry? This is no longer a problem that pindad can solve. Now enterprises are beginning to fight for creativity. Then the problem comes again. How can we be found at a glance in the ocean of creativity? That requires a little effort on features. Today, let's take a look at the smallest creative products in the printing industry. They all say that the concentrated is the essence. Let's open our eyes together

minimum 3D printing products

according to foreign media reports, we have seen very small 3D printers, but now about 0.0005 cubic meters of 3D printing products have also come out. An original Engineer in New Zealand created the world's smallest cordless drill for 3D printing, which is quite incredible. This gadget is only 17 mm high, 13 mm long, 7.5 mm wide, with a 0.5 mm fried dough twist drill, which can penetrate soft objects

the world's smallest scanner

recently, dacuda, a Swiss company, announced that they have developed the world's smallest scanner, named pocketscan. The smallest scanner, pocketscan, weighs only 2.9 ounces (85 grams) and has a body size of 1.96 1.06 0.78 inches (52.72 cm). It is very compact and lightweight for handheld use. The more ingenious thing about this product is that as long as you hold it in your hand, you can scan books, clothes and other objects and directly transmit them to the computer

the world's smallest handmade book

the world's smallest handmade book was once exhibited in a secondhand bookstore called slado in thurster, Australia, to ensure that there is enough information to evaluate the safety of food contact materials and products. This book is 3.5 mm long and wide, and its size is not as big as a nickel in China. It is reported that this mini book was first printed in Germany in 1952 and later collected in Australia

this handmade book has a black hardcover, which is letterpress printed, with hot gold thread on the side, and a gold cross on the cover. The contents of the book are compiled from seven languages, including American English, British English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish. According to the shopkeeper Anna? Anna Clark revealed that this book was made by the Gutenberg store in Mainz, Germany 62 years ago, with the purpose of raising funds for the Gutenberg Museum. It is now owned by a local collector in Bathurst

the world's smallest magazine cover

National Geographic Children's Edition announced at the American science and engineering festival that the magazine won its ninth Guinness world record for printing the world's smallest magazine cover using IBM technology. The cover size of the magazine is 1114 microns, which is only one thousandth the size of a salt particle

in order to make a record cover, IBM scientists invented a miniature chisel, which is a heated silicon tip with a size of only 1/100000 of the diameter of a pencil tip. By using this nanoscale silicon to make tiny patterns and structures, scientists can engrave the magazine cover on the polymer in only 10 minutes, the same material as plastic

the world's smallest Mona Lisa

researchers at Georgia Institute of technology in the United States have used nano chemical technology to make a great achievement in the world's smallest canvas? Leonardo finch's famous painting Mona Lisa, the canvas surface is only about 30 microns wide, about 1/3 the width of human hair. The researchers pointed out that the production of this mini Lisa proved that this technology can arbitrarily change the concentration of surface molecules at the micro scale, and has great application potential in the manufacture of nano devices. Relevant papers were published in the journal Langmuir of the American Chemical Association. It is very difficult to produce a gradual change in chemical concentration at the submicron scale. In order to create this painting, researchers used atomic force microscopy and a process called thermochemical nano printing (tcnl)

terranostra, the world's smallest newspaper, is only 25.35 mm and 18.27 mm in size. Terranostra, a weekly newspaper published locally in Punta Delgada, Azores, Portugal, is recognized by Guinness Book of records as the world's smallest newspaper. The newspaper with the title of embracing the world has 32 pages, which need to be magnified 6 to 8 times with a magnifying glass to read

the world's smallest 3D printer

the University of Vienna published a new rapid prototype model, which is very small in size, and the total weight of the machine is only 1.5 kg. The estimated price is about 1300 euros, but judging from the appearance of the model, the function is limited. The principle of its use is to stack the original soft resin material, harden it by continuous illumination of LED light, and gradually stack the shape of 3D objects

the world's smallest portable photo printer

South Korea LG Electronics launched the world's smallest portable smart photo printer pocket photo in South Korea. POCKET PHOTO adopts a 7.2 * 12.1 * 2.4cm appearance design similar to smart, and its body weight is 212g. As long as it is equipped with the smart of Android system, it can develop new economy line photo printing through Bluetooth or NFC (short-range wireless communication). Through NFC, as long as the pocket photo is placed near the smart, the application software can automatically print photos

the size of the photo is 2*3 inches of the size of two passport photos. It can be put in the wallet without significant appearance deformation. The size of the photo is smaller than that of the disposable imaging camera, but it is convenient to carry. POCKET PHOTO adopts Zink technology without ink and cartridge

the world's smallest book

Vancouver artist Robert Chaplin produced the world's smallest book, breaking the Guinness world record. This is a nano size typesetting book. The main content of the book is the painting and calligraphy story "little ted in white radish town" created by artist Robert Chaplin

it is understood that these nano typesetting words are traced to a microchip thinner than hair by focused ion beam, with a size of about 70 microns x 100 microns. Can such a small book naturally be read with the naked eye or ordinary microscope? What it needs is a book from Simon? Scanning line electron microscope (SEM) of Fraser University after nano processing

the smallest printer in the world

printdreams, a Swedish company, uses its invention of rmpt (random movement printing technology) technology to launch a PrintBrush printer. This printer is the smallest printer in the world at present and has nothing to do with the print size (this is relative to the current A3 format, A4 format, A6 format printers)

the length of this printer is only a colorless needle crystal, which is the same size as a ballpoint pen. Its shape is similar to that of a ballpoint pen, and its weight is only 350 grams. It is a portable pocket printer

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