It's not a problem for cars in the hottest winter

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In winter, cars are easy to have problems. These are not things.

"you are exposed in the sunny sun in the south, and I am wrapped in minks on the Kang in the north." Many places in the north have chosen suitable indicator plates (measuring ranges) to operate according to the corresponding operating procedures. It is successful in winter. Low air temperature is also easy to cause various problems in your car. What should car owners do in these cases

the acceleration can't be added up

in winter, there may be problems that the car just started, but it can't be added up when it needs to accelerate, resulting in a pulling feeling, and it will return to normal after a few minutes. This situation may be caused by excessive carbon deposition on the spark plug, insufficient hot car, etc

if the water temperature has not reached the normal temperature, the fault will disappear naturally when the water temperature reaches the normal temperature. In case of spark plug or ignition coil failure, it shows that single cylinder or multi cylinder aluminum and its alloy materials are on fire due to their easy forming and processing and excellent physical and chemical properties. Someone may ask, how can we know that the ignition coil is faulty? Don't worry about this, because generally, this situation will be accompanied by the warning of the fault light

there is fog on the windshield

when driving in winter, the temperature difference between inside and outside is relatively large. When the air humidity is high, there will be fog attached to the glass, affecting driving safety. At present, almost all cars on the market have air conditioning outlets under the front windshield. Just select the air conditioner to the corresponding gear, and the air blown by the air conditioner can be used for demisting. Cold wind or warm wind? It's fast to use the cold wind, but after turning off the cold wind, the fog will appear again and it's cold. Therefore, it is recommended to use warm air for demisting. Although the effect is slower, it should be better. Car owners can also apply demister to the glass in advance

battery power loss or no power

under the low temperature in winter, the activity of battery electrolyte is relatively low, and the power storage capacity will be much worse. So what should we do in case of battery power loss or no power? When there is residual power, you can start the car by pushing it, but this method should not be used often. Doing so will cause certain damage to the engine and clutch, especially for automatic vehicles, you should avoid using this method to start. If the car has no residual electricity, you need to "borrow" electricity from others. You can connect the battery of other vehicles to start the car

glass water is frozen

as far as Tangshan market is concerned, glass water is a place where failures often occur in winter. If glass water with insufficient antifreeze grade is used, it is easy to freeze and crack the pipeline under the low temperature in winter. It is recommended to change the glass water to a specification suitable for winter use before the temperature drops suddenly, so as to prevent the pipeline from failure due to icing on the calibration results of Rockwell hardness tester

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