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"Going out" is not so easy. Environmental protection enterprises need to be cautious when going to sea to dig for gold

in recent years, environmental protection enterprises with increasingly strong development momentum have become one of the important forces for overseas gold digging. Coupled with the "the Belt and Road" to fuel the flames, many environmental protection enterprises believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go global, and have moved to the international market. However, the road of "going out" of Chinese environmental protection enterprises is not smooth, and there are countless cases of failure. What are the reasons? Why can't we achieve the right time, right place and right people

"going out" is not so easy. Environmental protection enterprises need to be cautious when going to sea for gold.

in recent years, overseas mergers and acquisitions of Chinese environmental protection enterprises have continued to be active. 2016 is also known as the most dazzling year in the history of overseas mergers and acquisitions. The simplest and crudest way for domestic environmental protection enterprises to introduce new overseas technologies is to acquire overseas environmental protection enterprises

in terms of global environmental protection development, China's start is still slightly slower than foreign countries, especially European and American countries, and its technology is also backward. For example, foreign environmental protection enterprises are committed to invisible pollution and eliminate pollution from the source. China is still dealing with visible pollution, which is more than a step away. Therefore, the introduction of technology is the first step for Chinese environmental protection enterprises to realize the internationalization strategy

however, if the introduction of technology is simply the introduction of technology, there will be no debate in one way or another. At the same time, the introduction of technology also overcomes various difficulties, so that Tianshi dizhi organic 3-plywood materials are very suitable for lightweight and cost-effective material solutions and high stiffness fields, and will achieve the final success of cooperation. However, such opportunities are rare, and there are countless cases of failure. There are mainly the following difficulties:

difficulty 1: the "skeptical" attitude of foreign enterprises

Once bitten by a snake for ten years, it can be used to describe the current cautious attitude of foreign environmental protection enterprises towards domestic environmental protection enterprises. Foreign enterprises with advanced technology once suffered losses in China's environmental protection market, and the cooperation effect introduced did not meet expectations. At the same time, they believed that the entrepreneurial spirit of Chinese society was not trustworthy, and they no longer believed in it

now, through several years of cooperation and exchange, foreign enterprises have seen the accumulation of technology in China's environmental protection enterprises, and therefore adopt different experimental methods. Their technology application in China has been greatly improved and has achieved good results. As for this difficulty, the chairman of high energy environment said at the international clean technology summit that it has become a thing of the past

difficulty 2: how to identify suitable technologies

how can foreign excellent technologies play the greatest role in the domestic market? Is it true that technologies that have achieved success in Europe and the United States will also succeed in the Chinese market? Of course, the answer is No. The choice of overseas technology should be screened in combination with China's environmental characteristics. The environment varies from region to region. Sometimes foreign technology is also difficult to resist the environment with Chinese characteristics

for example, in the mid-1990s, Japanese enterprises began to participate in the remediation of a heavy metal contaminated soil in China. Through monitoring the soil, it is found that the concentration of heavy metal pollution is higher and the composition is more complex. Even if there is a good practice based soil remediation technology, it can not play the expected effect here

difficulty 3: the "Three Outlooks" of both sides

although foreign environmental protection enterprises attach great importance to foreign environmental protection market, and although China environmental protection also looks forward to cooperating with foreign environmental protection enterprises, having ideas and willingness does not necessarily mean success, but at most is the premise of success. There are various reasons for the failure of the transaction

first of all, it is largely due to the differences between China and foreign countries on technology, but also on enterprises. According to the analysis report of foreign enterprises, the odds ratio of Chinese enterprises' Mergers and acquisitions is 25:9, which shows that foreign countries have very high expectations for the Chinese market. However, according to experience, Chinese environmental protection enterprises do not think so. They feel that foreign countries do not fundamentally understand the situation of China's environmental protection market, especially the application market of their own technology is relatively vague

in addition, there are also reasons that cannot be ignored, which are the differences in three outlooks. The introduction of technology is not only the matching of technology, but also involves the cooperation of people, technology and enterprises. More importantly, the landing and expansion of technology and projects can bring a win-win situation to both sides of the transaction

the above difficulties lead to the financial reports of overseas environmental protection enterprises acquired in this year, which do not look at the price alone, but the overall cost performance of the experimental machine. The financial reports show that the introduction is not always win-win. Only by applying the right medicine to the case and improving foreign advanced technology according to Chinese characteristics can we achieve what we want and achieve a win-win situation

the digital display electronic experimental machine is suitable for users who only seek relevant data such as force value, tensile strength, compressive strength, etc. However, some people believe that as long as China's environmental problems can be solved, nothing else is difficult. If the environmental problem is not solved, nothing else will be discussed

at the same time, with the development and expansion of China's environmental protection enterprises, the ambition of occupying the international market has gradually become prominent. Coupled with the "the Belt and Road" to fuel the flames, many environmental protection enterprises believe that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go global, and have moved to the international market. Is this step really that easy

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