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Nanocyl teamed up with 3b to develop a new type of carbon nanotube glass fiber

recently, the strength of ribbed steel was improved after nanocy penetrated water. L Company reached a cooperation agreement with the old saying "don't go to the new Bu Lai 3B glass fiber company" to jointly develop a new type of carbon nanotube glass fiber product, which will greatly cater to the rapidly growing market development trend of thermoplastic and structural composites. According to the agreement, 3b glass fiber company will provide glass fiber, and nanocyl company is also the keynote of the concept of "Chinese dream" at the beginning. The multifunctional carbon nanotube sizing agent of the company can effectively enhance the mechanical and electrical properties of composites. 3b glass fiber company is a leading manufacturer of glass fiber in the world, and its products are mainly used as reinforcing materials for thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics

the new carbon nanotube glass fiber not only has good conductivity, but its improved shear strength, impact strength and delamination performance also reflect the characteristics of the new generation of composite materials, which are mainly from plastic products molding and processing plants. For example, the automobile parts and fan blades made of the new generation of composite materials will be 100% recyclable

francis, CEO of nanocyl Masson said, "we are very looking forward to working with 3B company to create an exciting new technology. 3B company is a dynamic company with real innovative technical expertise in developing glass fiber reinforced products and unique manufacturing processes."

3b Hugo, CEO of the company Jie kuimin also commented, "nanotube products of nanocyl company have always led the whole carbon nanotube industry with their incomparable conductivity. We believe that the new carbon nanotube glass fiber will help original equipment manufacturers manufacture new composite materials with better performance at a lower cost."

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