Caidengsheng of Liugong group has the same R & D d

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Caidengsheng of Liugong group: the same R & D dream outside the dream

caidengsheng of Liugong group: the same R & D dream outside the dream

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and the elongation is not large, and the light shines suddenly in the middle of the night, just to draw the inspiration in the dream

I worked tirelessly for half my life, only because I was immersed in the jar of fine wine of technology research and development, and the more I brewed, the more fragrant I became

if you don't see him, smell his voice first. In the office, you can always hear his hearty laughter when talking with R & D personnel

he is caidengsheng, head of Liugong electric control technology and director of Electromechanical Research Institute

Cai Dengsheng has been committed to technology research and development. Starting from his interest, he has never stopped from basic electrical design technology to high-end electronic control technology research and development. What he has gained is a lot of research and development achievements. He has been rated as "one hundred thousand talents" in the autonomous region, the company's "excellent technician" and "model worker". Recently, caidengsheng was rated as the third batch of distinguished experts of the autonomous region

the starting point of experts starts from interest

as the saying goes, interest is the best teacher. When Cai Dengsheng majored in Mechatronics in University, he became interested in electronic control technology

after joining Liugong in 1992, Cai Dengsheng was engaged in the design of electrical products, and his skills were put to use. Slowly, through the understanding of enterprise products and the continuous in-depth grasp of basic electrical work, he became the backbone member of the company's electrical design work

at that time, Liu Gong's electric control technology was still in its infancy, and the boring electrical technology did not erase Cai Dengsheng's enthusiasm and passion for design work. Through years of accumulation of electrical technology, Cai Dengsheng has a more and more in-depth understanding of enterprise products, which has laid a good foundation for his future career development of electronic control technology

tackling key problems is inspired by dreams

"if studying electrical technology is my interest, then studying electronic control technology is the choice of the times, not just my choice." Caidengsheng said. With the development of the market and the fierce competition, caidengsheng realized how to choose a reliable data pulling machine? Electric control technology plays an important role in product technology, and attempts to gradually shift the focus of work from electrical design to electric control design

a rare opportunity, the company undertook the 863 project "improper design of cooling circuit of loader remote service system and functional excavator technology". With this project, the company's electromechanical design work began to cut into the research of electronic control technology. Caidengsheng undertook the important task in this project, and was responsible for the design of intelligent excavator

recalling his experience in that project, Cai Dengsheng said, "at the beginning, we were like headless flies, without data and equipment, and our design even began with hardware." From hardware design to software design, every important design link needs careful consideration and rigorous design. Going out early and returning late was a common occurrence during that time

in the process of product design, the hardware design of the main controller was a difficulty at that time. If this difficulty is not overcome, the subsequent design work cannot be carried out. During that time, Cai Dengsheng dreamed about the design and solutions of electronic control technology. At that time, the project team was troubled by the frequency conversion problem in the electrical circuit and failed to solve it for many days. It really worried everyone

one night, Cai Dengsheng suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his dream, and then woke up. He immediately sat up from bed, turned on the light, took out paper and pen, and drew the circuit technology solution in his dream. The next day, the test passed successfully

through the training of 863 project, it paved the way for the company's electronic control technology to become one of the core technologies of products. Caidengsheng also completed the difficult and magnificent turn of his career through this project

the passion on the way to carry the flag is never extinguished

Cai Dengsheng's dedication to work and passion for research and development make him always face difficulties in the face of great pressure. It continues to grow on the road of electronic control technology, and is gradually able to control the technical characteristics of various products, promote the continuous improvement of the technical content of enterprise products, and also provide a strong support for national brands against foreign brands. This kind of method is not very scientific

excavators are important products related to the rise of state-owned national brands of construction machinery. Due to the weak electronic control technology of domestic excavators, state-owned products lack sufficient competitive advantages in the market. As the flag of national brand, Liugong is duty bound to undertake the task of tackling key technical problems. Caidengsheng and the R & D team at that time were committed to tackling the key problems of "power technology of intelligent excavators". The R & D team took over the banner of tackling key problems and made every effort, day and night. In 2006, this technology was finally broken and applied to clg920c excavator products. The breakthrough of Liugong excavator electric control technology has driven the rapid development of state-owned national brands. The market share of national brand excavators has increased from 5% to 35%. It improves the market competitiveness of national brands and promotes the rapid development of national brands

the guy who doesn't think about food and tea is his daughter's idol

at present, Cai Dengsheng is studying the loader automatic drag reduction shovel loading technology, hydrostatic drive loader technology, electric proportional variable speed control technology, as well as the new generation excavator machine control technology. These cutting-edge technologies require Cai Dengsheng to invest a lot of energy. His wife is used to this guy who doesn't think about food and tea when working, but she can't help telling him to eat and sleep on time

under the influence of his father, Cai Dengsheng's daughter also has a strong interest in technology. In the eyes of the child's innocence, his father is his idol. Every time Cai Dengsheng couldn't help talking about some skills with his daughter, her daughter worshipped her father's profound views and repeatedly said, "Dad is so awesome!" The wife is helpless to the "technical father and daughter", but she loves them to the bone

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