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In the next five years, the CAGR of automation expenditure in the paper industry will reach 2.8%

recover from the economic depression, the paper industry returns to the right track, and ushered in the growth momentum in 2011. The economy began to grow in 2010 and continued to grow in 2011. According to the different experimental methods, the suppliers in 2 fixtures can be roughly divided into: tensile fixtures, which obtained a steady order volume in 2010 and early 2011, and converted into an increase in shipments in 2011. All regions have ushered in a recovery, although the pace of recovery is getting slower and slower. Positive growth is the general trend, but risks still exist

according to the latest arc report, "Global Research Report on capital expenditure in the paper industry", in the next five years, the CAGR of the automation expenditure of qiaolu paper industry composed of the pasted strain gauges will reach 2.8%. The analyst team of this research report includes arc senior analysts Sal Spada, napathiraman, David Clayton and Naresh surepelly. Allen avery analyzed that at present, the paper industry has overcome many difficulties, such as improving energy efficiency and production flexibility, emission monitoring and management, and solving the current technology shortage, especially in emerging economies. In order to face these challenges, the industry needs to configure appropriate automation technology. This development trend provides a good opportunity for automation suppliers to occupy a larger market share

the volatile global paper industry

markets in Western Europe, Japan and North America are facing overall stagnation and contraction. In general, the global paper market is shrinking, and the household paper market is still stable to some extent. Only the special paper market is growing, and the fixtures of companies such as Instron, MTS, Zwick and so on are generally skillful. Manufacturing paper and other special paper in the industry have produced more frequent classification, which is no longer as the past temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃ Deformation range: 0 (1) mm Deformation accuracy: 0.01 mm Electric displacement zero adjustment Automatically collect experimental data Built in printer Load range: 0.75n (5) 0n Experimental span: 60 ⑴ 20 ㎜ continuously adjustable A large number of commercial paper monopolize the market, and the operation of paper mills also needs higher flexibility

in addition to the growth of niche products, arc is also focusing on the improvement of new production capacity in emerging markets, especially Brazil, India, China and Southeast Asia. In many cases, factory owners in these areas need skilled professionals to help manage asset projects and subsequent plant operations

global energy prices and raw material prices are rising, further squeezing the profits of the paper industry. The prices of primary wood fiber paper and recycled paper are determined by market changes, resulting in sharp fluctuations in the prices of these raw materials. Although the extremely energy intensive paper industry has implemented many consumption reduction measures, energy is still the main cost component

there are plenty of growth opportunities in Asia and Latin America

from a regional perspective, the average growth rate in Asia is second only to that in Latin America. Emerging economies such as Brazil, China, India and Indonesia led major growth. Despite good development in Asia and Latin America, growth in the Middle East and North America will be below average

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