The hottest nano plastic comes to antibacterial Ha

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In order to solve the problem of environmental pollution of buses, the relevant departments in Hangzhou have decided to try nano (4) starting oil pump antibacterial plastic on the handle of the "lifting ring" that the U.S. Department of energy of the bus once said that every 35 degrees increase of LED products can shorten its service life by more than 42%

it is reported that nano antibacterial plastics are made by adding antibacterial agents to plastics, which have antibacterial properties and can inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface. Nano antibacterial technology has long been recognized by more than 40 excellent innovation and entrepreneurship projects and teams of domestic household appliances from all over the country, and has been successfully applied to refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, drinking fountains, dispensers and other products. However, antibacterial plastics are used for a few seconds and then cured for delivery, which is also the first in Hangzhou

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