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Nano titanium dioxide has potential environmental pollution

recently, researchers from the school of chemistry and materials science, University of science and technology of China found that nano titanium dioxide can convert oxygen and nitrogen in the air into nitrate under light conditions, thus revealing the potential environmental pollution problems that may be caused by the widely used nano titanium dioxide materials

the discovery of photocatalytic reaction of titanium dioxide to form nitrate reminds people that the potential environmental risks of large-scale use of nano titanium dioxide may be underestimated. On the one hand, this chemical reaction may aggravate the increasingly serious problem of nitrogen pollution, and on the other hand, it also provides a new method of nitrate production with mild conditions and low cost

Jie and Chen jiejie, doctoral fellows of Professor Yu Hanqing's research group at the University of science and technology of China, have proved through experiments that the rich nitrogen and oxygen in the atmosphere can form nitrate on the surface of nano titanium dioxide through photocatalytic reaction. Combined with theoretical calculation and analysis, the formation mechanism of nitrate is clarified. Excessive nitrate discharged into the water body will be toxic to human body, and can also cause water eutrophication. The main conclusions are as follows: eutrophication and the outbreak of cyanobacteria produce environmental pollution problems

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