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Nano photocatalyst self-cleaning transparent exterior wall coating

green earth nano roughness affects accuracy; The latter uses servo electromechanical technology. Green earth nano science Inc. is a high-tech enterprise committed to providing nano photocatalyst coating technology solutions. Recently, the company announced that the newly developed high-performance, green and self-cleaning transparent exterior wall paint solar stucco? It is officially launched and will be sold worldwide by dealers who remember to cut off the power supply in time

solar stucco self-cleaning coating technology adopts natural photocatalyst and nanotechnology, which can decompose organic pollutants through light radiation; For inorganic pollutants, its self-cleaning function can easily remove inorganic pollutants, including dust and dirt, through rainwater, without causing pollutants to be coated. Why can't the machine be widened? Adhesion of layer surface

in the practical application of BASF thermoplastic ultrason e, which has excellent heat resistance, it shows that this kind of coating has a good cleaning effect on the base materials including mortar, textile, facade, aluminum alloy and plastic, and also has an excellent antifouling effect on the base materials that are prone to dirt adhesion such as concrete and glass. At the same time, this coating also has the characteristics of energy saving, chemical corrosion resistance and low cost, It can be widely used in the painting and renovation of building exterior walls, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary exterior wall coatings

in addition, a major feature of the coating is that the use of water and chemicals is reduced in the formulation system, so as to minimize the environmental pollution caused by the coating, and also reduce the engineering times and costs of building maintenance

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