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Nano plastic bottled beer is about to appear

for a long time, the problem of consumer safety accidents caused by the bursting of bottled beer has been puzzling manufacturers and sales departments. Led by researcher Qi Zongneng of the State Key Laboratory of engineering plastics, Institute of chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, after nearly 10 years of research and exploration, the team has developed a series of nano plastics based on polyamide, polyester, polyethylene, polystyrene, epoxy resin and other materials with good characteristics such as light weight, high strength and good heat resistance. Now, milk white bottles made of nano plastic are filled with beer

researcher Qi Zongneng said in a recent interview that because the protein contained in beer is prone to oxidation reaction and cannot achieve the effect of long-term preservation, it is difficult to preserve it in ordinary plastic bottles. The reason why those canned beer can be used as the most mature liquid flow battery for long-term preservation is that its packaging material has to undergo three layers of composite, that is, there is a plastic film inside and outside, and an aluminum layer in the middle. The newly developed nano plastic bottle has only "one layer", but it can completely achieve the effect of three-layer composite. He explained, "our approach is to take a natural nano material montmorillonite from medical equipment to auto parts earth (MMT) After decomposition, by using intercalation polymerization composite and melt intercalation composite technology, it is evenly dispersed into the birth compound of a new agrochemical company according to the nano size, so as to form nano plastics. This kind of plastic has high strength, good heat resistance, low specific gravity, excellent gas barrier and high gloss. "

Qi Zongneng said, "the nano bottled beer developed by American nanocor company has been on the market last year. The technology we use now is the same as theirs." He said: "at present, the price of nano bottled beer in the foreign market is relatively high. But in theory, nano bottles can be recycled and reused. After crushing, there is a processing and qualitative process. Those that meet the

standard are reused to make beer bottles, and those that do not meet the standard are reduced to engineering plastics." Finally, researcher Qi Zongneng said optimistically, "now the finished product has come out, I believe this nano bottled beer will soon meet with ordinary people."

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