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Nano plastic waterproof flooring was successfully developed in Liaoning Province

a new type of nano plastic flooring, focusing on new products of thermoplastic elastomer materials and new technologies, waterproof and wear-resistant solid wood composite flooring, was recently jointly introduced and developed by the flooring professional committee of Liaoning Furniture Association and the product quality supervision and Inspection Institute of Shenyang Bureau of technical supervision

"it is understood that the use of nano plastic packaging technology makes the plastic sealant penetrate into the interior of the floor fiber to a depth of more than 2 mm, and forms a sealed structure, which can effectively prevent the infiltration of water. At the same time, it also prevents the connection between wood fiber and the outside world, greatly reducing the release of Trace Formaldehyde in the floor by 2020, and improving the environmental protection performance of the floor. In addition, the surface wear resistance of this kind of floor is also 20 times that of ordinary floor

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