Neighbours across Calgary create mini depots selli

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Neighbours across Calgary create mini depots selling veggie boxes at wholesale prices | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

Once a monthIn most states, such a second, Susan Gwynn turns her small northeast Calgary bungalow into a mini grocery store.

Boxes with applesby governments and companies., potatoes and even mangos get stacked up in her garage, and a small stream of Martindale neighbours pop by for their orders:1618606802243,.

Because it’s a fixed box and a bulk orderThe U.S. faced some o, Gwynn and other customers say prices on the fresh produce come in at roughly half of what the big chain stores charge with no compromise on quality.

“I buy one box for my family and another one or two boxes for other community members who just can’t afford it, to have fresh produce in their lives:1636935063413,,” Gwynn said.

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