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Why is China's machine tool industry big but not strong

Editor's note: in 2009, China's machine tool industry stood out against the backdrop of the world financial crisis, and its output value leaped to the first in the world. However, although China's machine tool industry is large but not strong, it still lags far behind the world's advanced level. So, what is the difference between the big and the weak of China's machine tool industry

first of all, the output value of China's machine tool industry mu10 ranks first in the world

in 2009, the global machine tool industry was severely impacted by the financial crisis. However, China's machine tool industry showed a trend of restraining from the former and rising from the latter, with overall stabilization and improvement. According to statistics, China's small discrete industry of machine tools and tools completed a total industrial output value of 401.42 billion yuan in the whole year, an increase of 16.1% year-on-year. The market share of the output value of domestic metal processing machine tools increased from 61% of the previous year to 70%, of which domestic CNC machine tools increased from 51.6% to 62%, and the investment in fixed assets completed by the industry increased by 36% year-on-year. According to media reports, China became the world's largest machine tool producer for the first time in 2009. Moreover, China has been the world's largest consumer and importer of machine tools for eight consecutive years

at the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the global economy shows signs of rebound, China's investment centered on structural adjustment is still hot, and the orders of machine tool enterprises show signs of rapid growth. It is expected that the growth rate of the machine tool industry will reach about 10% in 2010, and the metal cutting machine tool will achieve a high single digit growth; The import and export of metal processing machine tools will see a restorative growth

secondly, one of the weak performances of China's machine tool industry is the overcapacity of low-grade products

as the overall industrial level of China lags behind that of western industrial countries, and the technical force of industrial enterprises is not strong enough, China lags behind the fast pace of the market in developing high-end products

although China's machine tool output value leaps to the first in the world, it is still the world's largest machine tool importer, and the high-end CNC machine tools required by China's economic construction mainly depend on imports; China has a relatively complete industrial chain, but the CNC systems and functional components required for the development of medium - and high-end CNC machine tools mainly come from abroad. If you can use the relevant experimental machine, it's all right to ask if our source plug is properly inserted to export two high and one capital (high pollution, high energy consumption, resource) products, but import the high-end products produced by these export products

it can be seen that the leading products produced by China's machine tool industry do not meet the needs of national economic development, the industry's low-grade products have excess capacity and the capacity of high-grade products is insufficient, the development of domestic high-performance functional components and host machines are out of balance, there are many scientific research plans but the industrialization application effect is not obvious, etc. Therefore, there are still some deep-seated contradictions in China's machine tool industry

again, the second weak performance of China's machine tool industry is the weak scientific and technological foundation and the low level of product quality

on the whole, the technical level of China's machine tool industry is low, and major technical equipment and key products are far from meeting the needs of rapid growth of the national economy. Compared with developed countries, China's machine tool industry enterprises have a phased gap in product quality, technical level and market competitiveness, and there is a further widening trend. Many enterprises have outdated equipment, backward production technology and unstable product quality. The reliability of some basic components and parts is poor, and the precision and efficiency of basic machine tools are low. As the quality of domestic machine tools can not meet the needs of users, the import of machine tools has increased sharply in recent years, resulting in a huge import and export deficit. Despite the strong demand in the domestic machine tool market, nearly half of the domestic market has been occupied by foreign investors. At present, the market of high-precision and advanced products is occupied by western developed countries, the market of large, heavy and ordinary machine tools is occupied by Russia, and a large number of Taiwan products of popular CNC machine tools are pouring in. The machine tool industry is in danger

finally, the third weak performance of China's machine tool industry is the lack of large international groups and weak market competitiveness

although China has the largest number of machine tool manufacturers in the world, it still lacks well-known multinational machine tool groups and world-class small giant enterprises of precision, specialty and specialty

at present, the large-scale enterprises with better development in China's machine tool industry include Dalian machine tool group, Jinan first machine tool group, Chongqing Machine Tool Group, Shenyang Machine Tool Group, Shaanxi Qinchuan machine tool group, etc., and there are few other large-scale groups that can compete with the world's top machine tool groups

therefore, China's machine tool industry is still facing many challenges. In order to move towards a powerful machine tool manufacturing country, we must highlight the strategic focus of the whole industry, clarify the main direction, further accelerate the structural adjustment and change the development mode, and create conditions and environment for the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. The specific measures are as follows:

first, further accelerate the structural adjustment of machine tool products. Compress the production of low-grade and ordinary products; Eliminate backward, polluting and high energy consuming products; Develop products with high technical content and economic added value; From providing single machine to providing complete set of line forming equipment

second, further improve the industrial chain. Increase policy support, break through the bottleneck of the development of CNC machine tool industry, vigorously develop CNC systems and functional components, and increase the proportion of CNC systems and functional components in the industry; Encourage the development of CNC cutting tools, complex cutting tools, precision measuring instruments, high-grade abrasive tools, abrasives and superhard materials and products

third, implement enterprise structure adjustment. Give full play to the advantages of batch manufacturing capacity of key backbone enterprises, and encourage moderate centralized production of general-purpose mainframe manufacturing; Support specialized, special and precision CNC machine tool manufacturing enterprises; Expand the scale of functional component manufacturing enterprises and manufacturing technology service enterprises; Encourage the optimization and reorganization of enterprise assets, and promote the transformation of enterprise structure to the direction of large and strong, small and specialized; Develop lean management and agile manufacturing

fourth, improve the specialized production level of manufacturing process. Improve the production organization mode of the enterprise, reasonably allocate resources, integrate the four basic process capabilities of casting, forging, heat treatment and surface treatment in the region, and build a specialized production center; We will promote advanced manufacturing technologies and cleaner production methods, improve material utilization and production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption and pollutant emissions

fifth, adjust the structure of industry import and export trade. Continuously raise the threshold of imported equipment and technology, strive to improve the grade of export products, make up our minds to reduce the export of high energy consumption, high pollution and resource products, increase the proportion of exports of medium and high-end CNC products, strive to expand the export of technical services, and constantly improve the efficiency of industrial exports

2010 is the last year for the implementation of the eleventh five year plan, and also a key and promising year for the development of the machine tool industry. Machine tool and tool enterprises should unite, strive to improve the consciousness and initiative of transforming the mode of economic development, promote transformation in the process of adjustment, and seek development in the process of transformation, so as to promote China from a large machine tool manufacturer to a powerful machine tool manufacturer

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