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Polypropylene producers in North America will raise prices

according to foreign reports, from April 1, 101 polypropylene researchers from the Max Planck Institute in North America hope to make better use of the opportunities provided by analyzing a large number of data. Producers will carry out the second price increase this year, with a price increase of 3 cents/pound

however, insiders pointed out that the prospect of polypropylene market in North America is not optimistic, and the price hikes of producers may not be realized. This is because there is an oversupply in the polypropylene market in North America. In addition, due to the changes in the raw material market, the price reduction of propylene will make it impossible for polypropylene producers to raise prices in the short term yesterday

it is also reported that in recent weeks, the FOB export price of North American PP producers has fallen to 27 cents/pound

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