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Robot and personalized customized production Yong enterprises have stridden towards "intelligent manufacturing"

Cixing group industrial robot bearings have built an intelligent manufacturing "core". In just two years, they have won the titles of "863" project, national standard drafting unit and industrial strong foundation project. The unit price of the global high-end automotive bearings manufactured by the company is more than 12 times that of ordinary bearings, while the energy consumption of 10000 yuan output value has been reduced by more than 50%, which is of the same quality and price as international brands

nowadays, more and more Ningbo enterprises, like Cixing group, have set off a new upsurge in chasing the dividends of "smart manufacturing". Statistics from the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology showed that in the first five months of this year, the city's equipment manufacturing industry achieved a total output value of more than 280billion yuan, an industrial added value of more than 60billion yuan, and a profit and tax of 33.6 billion yuan, with year-on-year growth of 18%, 16% and 34% respectively, accounting for more than 40% of all industries above designated size. Among them, 547 Industrial Enterprises above the designated size of intelligent manufacturing equipment achieved a total industrial output value of 23.8 billion yuan, an increase of 16% year-on-year. In the past five years, Ningbo has organized and implemented more than 1200 special projects for technological transformation of "machine replacement". Robot +, black light workshop and personalized customized production are accelerating...

"intelligent manufacturing is the main direction of 'made in China 2025'. In mid March this year, Nanjing reinforced concrete hot rolled ribbed steel GB 1499 (1) 998 wave launched an unprecedented '22 new policies' to accurately support the manufacturing industry, with 13billion yuan dedicated to supporting the advanced manufacturing industry within three years. Ningbo equipment industry and intelligent manufacturing will usher in significant benefits." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that in the next step, the city will accelerate the pace of promoting intelligent manufacturing in Ningbo through the implementation of the "three-year transformation" action plan and other measures. By 2019, the scale of the intelligent equipment industry in the city will exceed 90billion yuan, form a capacity scale with an annual output of 70000 complete sets of equipment and robot machines, and cultivate and develop more than 50 key advantageous enterprises of intelligent manufacturing equipment

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