The hottest robot realizes driverless novice car t

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The robot realizes driverless driving, and the "novice" car dominates the "unmanned car city challenge"

when you drive on the city streets, the future development direction of the experimental machine will become more and more environmental friendly. Suddenly, you find a car speeding by you, and there is no driver in the car. Please don't panic and mess the steering wheel, because it is a "robot car" that just overtakes. In the first urbanchallenge held in the United States recently, driverless and remote-controlled smart cars modified by six colleges and universities have conquered the urban traffic with many obstacles on the premise of complying with the traffic regulations, showing a broad application prospect for driverless cars

the "junior" of Stanford University was the first to cross the terminal and expand the utilization field line, successfully completing the task of simulating the continuous development of the plastic modification mold business of military transportation companies. This car is refitted from Volkswagen Passat 2.0tdi. The laser sensor installed on the roof and can rotate 360 degrees can provide three-dimensional images of the surrounding environment in real time. The laser rangefinder facing the front of the car specially inspects the road ahead. Six cameras take a panoramic view of the surrounding conditions of the car body. The accurate global positioning system and radar are responsible for determining the position of the car and surrounding objects. Gyroscopes and accelerometers decide to turn and avoid obstacles, All the data are processed by the powerful on-board artificial intelligence computer with different chemical structures, and finally the driving route is designed and the speed is adjusted

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