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Robots, remote diagnosis and treatment, cloud supervision, 5g applications help fight the "epidemic prevention war"

temperature measurement and inspection robots appear in hospitals, 5g VR remote diagnosis and treatment is opened, and more than 85million friends watch the live broadcast of the construction hospital. The realization of these functions benefits from 5g networks. China business daily learned that in the national epidemic prevention war against novel coronavirus, various applications based on 5g began to land rapidly. After the epidemic prevention work enabled by science and technology, for the first time, everyone felt the impact and convenience brought by 5g+ a variety of latest technologies from multiple perspectives and on a large scale

the 5g real-time live broadcast of Wuhan leishenshan hospital launched by central video and Chinatelecom Wuhan company

5g intelligent robot on the front line

on January 30, the cloud intelligent robot operator daki technology joined hands with China Mobile to donate the first batch of 5g cloud medical assistant robots, 5g cloud disinfection and cleaning robots 5g cloud drug delivery service robot and 5g temperature measurement and inspection robot were sent to Wuhan Tongji Tianyou hospital and Shanghai Sixth People's hospital urgently to undertake remote care, temperature measurement, disinfection, cleaning and drug delivery, effectively reducing personnel cross infection and improving the isolation and control level of the ward

under the 4g/5g network of China Mobile, halix cloud brain and VBN robot specialist based on the cloud intelligent architecture of daki technology can quickly, flexibly and safely support the deployment and operation of national epidemic prevention and control robots. Daki technology said that in order to help win the epidemic prevention war, the company is willing to fully open the cloud robot brain platform, strategically cooperate with national and global robot enterprises, and launch various medical machines ① control mode, adopt intelligent expert setting system, and send people to areas needed in China. It is understood that at present, Gaoxian robot and Youdi robot have reached cooperation with daki technology

on the eve of the Spring Festival, Hangzhou isolated a group of Wuhan people returning from Singapore, and it became a difficult job to deliver meals for them. Shanghai Qinglang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. deployed 16 peanut delivery robots to deliver daily meals and materials for personnel in the isolation area. It is understood that peanut delivery robots are designed to improve the service efficiency of the catering industry, reduce labor costs and create special services. Unexpectedly, these robots have played a major role in the epidemic prevention work

in fact, robots have always been regarded as one of the killer applications in the 5g era. Previously, its most promising application was in the industrial field. However, relevant industry insiders said that the large-scale popularization of 5g robots was costly. For example, the first ten robots donated by daki technology are worth about 3million yuan

5g VR remote diagnosis and treatment opening

gently pick up the electronic extensometer in the new coronal pneumonia infection ward of the emergency center of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College (hereinafter referred to as the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University), and the medical staff responsible for the patients with pneumonia have used the 5g VR intensive care unit remote observation and guidance system installed by China Mobile. Through this system, the medical staff can effectively reduce the direct contact with the patients. The expert doctors in different places can carry out all-round HD and remote diagnosis and treatment guidance through the system, and help the treatment and rescue of the patients in time. At the same time, the family members can also use this system to visit the patients in the isolation area in real time

Wu Zhengning, a staff member in charge of the project of China Mobile Zhejiang company, said that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the safety of medical staff has become the focus of the whole society. The system is an innovative project carried out by the company in cooperation with the second Academy of Zhejiang University since the 5g pilot was launched in 2018. On January 23, 2020, China Mobile Zhejiang Co., Ltd., together with the second Institute of Zhejiang University and HANGGANG Chi Cheng, formed a project team to install and debug the 5g VR ICU remote observation and guidance system, which was finally put into use on January 24. The online implementation of the system can effectively reduce the infection risk of doctors and family members during treatment and visits

with the commercial use of 5g in China in 2019, as an important application scenario, 5g remote diagnosis and treatment continues to make breakthroughs. This is the first time that it has been applied in actual combat

the cloud supervisor witnessed the rise of the hospital

on the morning of February 2, China business daily opened the slow live channel of the central video app, and the live construction of Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital was presented. It is reported that some friends have been working as cloud supervisors for a long time

this is the 24-hour 5g live broadcast of the epidemic jointly launched by CCTV and Chinatelecom, which carries out the full HD live broadcast of the construction of two hospitals, huoshenshan and leishenshan. At the same time, more than 85million people watched it, which is called the strongest cloud supervision project in history. With the help of 5g network, the live broadcast picture is clearer, the signal is more stable, and there is almost no delay. This may be the first time that Chinese people have felt the impact of 5g+ various latest technologies on a large scale since 5g was commercially available in China

at the same time, China Mobile also launched a 5g live broadcast of the construction sites of huoshenshan and leishenshan hospitals with the people. On the one hand, figure 1 lists three PLGA structures obtained by different methods. Migu video fully distributes 5g HD live signals to many mainstream media. On the other hand, it also provides a feature multi screen simultaneous viewing function for wear frequency clients such as Migu video valve and oil cylinder

meanwhile, on January 28, 5g epidemic prevention and control video system based on 5g dual Gigabit network of Chinatelecom was launched in Chengdu. The system includes 5g video monitoring system and remote conference system, which comprehensively covers 17 designated treatment hospitals, 20 centralized medical observation points and key units of epidemic prevention and control in Chengdu. It can realize 5g high-definition video real-time monitoring, remote video conference, remote diagnosis and treatment and other functions, comprehensively improve the linkage prevention and control ability, and provide strong support for epidemic prevention and control

challenges from model rooms to commercial housing

majihua, a senior telecom industry analyst, told China Business Daily that the epidemic prevention war has opened the door to 5g development. At present, 5g is in a critical period of development, and with the needs of epidemic prevention, a series of vertical applications of 5g are rapidly landing in practice, especially the applications of live video and video conference have been quickly recognized by the outside world. He believes that due to the epidemic, enterprises and governments will find higher value of new technologies, and big data, artificial intelligence, IOT, and cloud computing also take advantage of 5g opportunities for great development

Chen Zhigang, a well-known telecommunications expert, told the China Business Daily that the performance of 5g application in the fight against the epidemic is still in the exploratory stage, and there is still a long way to go before the real large-scale application. First, limited by the technology and cost of hardware equipment, it is difficult to popularize on a large scale; Second, the coupling degree with the business process of the industry is not enough, so it is difficult to meet the requirements of the current emergency state. However, some applications such as 5g live broadcast, 5g remote diagnosis and treatment, 5g remote education, 5g UAV, 5g video conference will be quickly recognized by the market

in the view of insiders, from model rooms to commercial houses, this epidemic prevention war will be an important practical battle for the popularization of 5g applications. Whether these high-tech products can stand the test in actual combat remains to be seen

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