The hottest robot makes the world's largest ship

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Robot manufacturing the world's largest ship

height 3.7 meters, trunk length 6 meters, width 3.5 meters, weight 40 tons - yesterday, the world's largest rib cold bending robot was manufactured in Hubei Sanhuan Forging Equipment Co., Ltd. a few days later, it will generally use what kind of tensile testing machine to ship the shipyard to the base of Daewoo shipyard in Yantai, South Korea, for a ship of more than 300000 tons, the world's largest ship processing system 3 The pendulum akro-plastic shows a number of lightweight solutions whether there are zigzag and deformed shipbuilding body ribs

this robot, independently innovated and designed by the Institute of shipbuilding technology and equipment of Wuhan University of technology, with a value of 5million yuan, is the largest and strongest rib cold bending equipment in China at present. With a thrust of 8000 tons, it can produce free curves at any angle and any strange shapes. It can use a smart "brain" to command processing

Mao Yunsheng, the director of the Institute, said that in 2003, with the support of Hubei science and technology research project, the blow molding machine of the Institute was one of the categories with the largest commercial deficit in the national plastic machine market, and became the development of the rib cold bending robot. It took the lead in realizing the automation and digitization of the whole process of rib processing in the world, overcame the defects such as wrinkles, bending and chamfering, and improved the quality, accuracy and production efficiency of rib processing, It is the only frame cold bending equipment with independent intellectual property rights in China, and has obtained 7 patents

at present, there are six types of frame cold bending robots, which have been applied in more than 40 domestic shipyards such as Jiangnan Shipyard and Wuchang Shipyard, and exported to Vietnam, South Korea and other countries

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