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Focus on robot month - set a new record for product promotion

this year, ABB Robot is expected to make 12 product introductions, but the 11 product introductions completed so far have set a record

throughout the first robot month of ABB in November, ABB Robot team conveyed a lot of information. Publishing blogs, feature articles, new pages, Youku videos and launching the latest robot IRB 6700 made November a great success. Each story describes the wonderful way ABB industrial robots and solutions help customers achieve significant results

nevertheless, I suddenly woke up on the train bound for Gothenburg, Sweden's second largest city. I felt as if I had been hit by a ton of bricks, and suddenly realized that there was another thing we didn't share. As a global product promotion manager, I should be ashamed that I didn't think of it in advance, because it basically defines the content of my work

what is this important thing? Let's review ABB's launch of new industrial robots and robot solutions in the market in 2013

since January 1st, 2013, ABB Robot has launched 11 latest products, which itself has set a record! I firmly believe that we have at least one more message to announce before the end of the year, which means that we will break this record and obtain additional benefits (we will update this post when we release the product)

the new products are listed in descending order:

(11) twin robot Xbar November 28

this product is more widely known as TRX. This rapid and flexible parts transfer system can produce 16 parts per minute using large stamping parts on the serial stamping production line

(10) IRB 6700 November 5

irb 6700 robot series is the development result of more than 30 years of technological evolution of ABB large robots. It has many new generation improvement features, and the total cost of ownership (TCD) is the lowest

(9) ABB integrated vision system October 28

ABB integrated vision system is a powerful intelligent camera system that can speed up and simplify the application of vision guided robots

(8) integrated force control technology October 14

subtle changes in the manufacturing phase may determine success or failure. ABB integrated force control technology has overcome the above problems, and its accuracy is comparable to that of human hands. Processing precision parts or precise dimensions makes the robot more intelligent and can use real-time external feedback information to process changes in the processing process

(7) realize the localization of aluminum lithium alloy materials used in domestic large aircraft as soon as possible IRB 6660 September 30

for more than 20 years, abb has been committed to developing robot based press automation solutions. In September, the company launched the latest version of IRB/3.3, which is 15% faster than other versions

(6) production screen September 17

abb production screen introduces intelligent operation logic into the robot control terminal flexpendant. The new software package uses graphical objects, that is, various graphical components, to perform robot monitoring functions

(5) featherd is widely used in the material industry. The abb featherduster automatic dust removal system has excellent accuracy, reliability and flexibility, and can effectively remove dust particles on the body surface before spraying on the assembly line

(4) gateframe June 4

ABB's latest gateframe system can produce multiple models on the same production line, shorten the production cycle and ensure excellent accuracy, reliability and ease of operation

(3) IRB 360 meets the needs of rapid switching of different products; A large number of modules adopt flexpicker 8kg linkage mechanism may 29

for nearly 15 years, ABB's IRB 360 flexpicker has always been a leader in cutting-edge picking and packaging technology. It is more flexible than rigid automation in the production process. In order to expand the application range of this extremely reliable robot, abb increased the payload capacity of IRB 360 flexpicker from 3kg to 8kg

(2) IRB 1600 May 13

as the most popular classic product in ABB's wide range of robot products, irb1600 plays a heavy and light role in various industrial applications, from loading and unloading, material handling to arc welding and cutting applications. It is truly versatile. In order to improve the performance advantages of the original products, abb increased the load capacity of irb1600 from 8 kg to 10 kg

(1) robotstudio machine tening powerpac and robotware machine tening March 12

since the 1970s, abb has installed more than 30000 loading and unloading robots. ABB's decades of experience has created a robot loading and unloading software that can best meet the needs of customers. PC based robotstudio machine tening powerpac and the latest flexible control cabinet software robotware machine tening software provide a platform for simulation, verification and Optimization in 3D virtual environment and direct application to actual operation

all ABB Robot products can enjoy technical service support through ABB's robot global sales and service agencies in more than 100 locations in 53 countries around the world

for more information about ABB robots, please visit Sina Weibo: @abb robots, official: cnabbro, official QR Code:

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