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Shandong is the first choice for Korean businessmen to invest in the plastic industry. Due to its geographical, cultural and economic advantages, Shandong Province has increasingly become a hot spot for Korean businessmen to invest. Among all countries and regions that invest in Shandong, South Korea has surpassed Hong Kong in the first place. Most of these investments are concentrated in the processing and manufacturing industry, especially in the processing of plastic products and plastic leather, showing an increasing trend, which has a positive impact on the development of Shandong's import and export trade

Korean invested enterprises in Shandong mostly appear in the form of sole proprietorship, and are mainly concentrated in Qingdao, Weihai, Yantai and other coastal cities in the East. According to statistics, Korean invested enterprises in the three cities account for more than 80% of the total number of the province. Most of these investments ① stipulate that one kind of mechanical movement maintains the characteristics of processing trade with two ends abroad. More than 80% of raw materials and accessories are imported from South Korea, and the products are mainly sold abroad, with an export proportion of more than 90%, of which many products are 100 used for hydraulic system cooling;% Export sales, only a small part of domestic sales. Due to the investment characteristics of Korean invested enterprises in processing with imported materials and supplied materials, Korean invested enterprises have become large importers in Shandong. In particular, the import volume of raw hides and leather, chemical filaments and staple fibers, plastics and products required for production is maintained at the level that the universal data testing machine can use more than US $2 billion to test many data every year. In Shandong, 90% of the products produced by Korean funded enterprises are export products, most of which are produced by order, and all products are sold abroad. For example, the Korean funded enterprise Qingdao Jiaohe Plastic Co., Ltd. sells all its products to the European, American and Japanese markets, with an annual export revenue of more than 40 million US dollars

it is this situation that production relies heavily on foreign procurement, which has increased the inclination of Shandong's trade with South Korea to imports. For this reason, relevant people pointed out that Shandong should speed up the scientific and technological breakthrough, select products that have greater impact on the trade balance and development conditions, such as polyethylene, leather and other products as the focus, and carry out self-development and innovation while introducing new technologies and processes, so as to provide new advantages for traditional industrial products and narrow the gap between product quality and the world as soon as possible

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