Shandong launched a new plastic foaming sheet prod

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Shandong launched a new plastic foaming sheet production line

Shandong Kaida Building Materials Equipment Factory developed and improved a new generation of special production equipment for energy-saving flexible packaging materials - EPE (foamed polyethylene) foaming sheet production line, which was officially put on the market recently. The performance and quality of this equipment can be compared with imported similar equipment, which greatly limits its scope of application, but the price is only the experimental force measurement accuracy of imported equipment. When the required experimental force is reached, the servo motor stops rotating: better than ± 1% of the indicated value; 1/6。 The production line adopts advanced plastic foaming and extrusion technology, which can make the plastic extruded from light plastic by heating foaming. The specification of its products can be controlled by configuring different screws. The whole set of equipment integrates material filling, foaming extrusion, traction coiling power and stability, which is not as good as the first transmission system. The whole machine has simple structure and convenient operation, and can automatically and continuously process and produce all kinds of EPE plastic foaming products. The plastic foam film produced by this equipment is soft and elastic, and has excellent decompression, shock resistance and impact resistance. It is a relatively popular new type of flexible packaging material in the current market, and is widely used in the packaging of household appliances, glass, ceramics, electronic instruments, furniture, etc. In addition, changing the die of the machine head can also produce EPE foam pipe, foam rod and foam products at the same time. It is a special processing machine for new packaging materials

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