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Shandong makes every effort to promote the development of big data

in order to further implement the spirit of the action plan for promoting the development of big data of the State Council and the opinions on promoting the development of big data of the Shandong provincial government, promote the healthy and rapid development of the big data industry in Shandong Province, speed up the cultivation of new kinetic energy, and help the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission recently held a press conference on the development of big data industry in Shandong Province, Lian Kai, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 20 central and provincial media units attended the meeting. Representatives of Langchao group, Shandong zhuochuang and Jinan high tech Zone attended the meeting. At the meeting, Lian Kai, deputy director of Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, interpreted the "opinions on promoting the accelerated development of big data industry in Shandong Province" issued by Shandong Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, and hoped that the media at all levels would comment on the first batch of big data industry clusters in Shandong Key backbone enterprises of big data and key products of big data are widely publicized and promoted to comprehensively create an atmosphere in which Shandong province attaches importance to the development of big data industry and supports the development of big data industry, create a better environment for the development of big data industry, and actively open up a new era of big data industrialization in Shandong

provide services and support for the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

fully implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, adhere to the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, take big data application as the guide, and big data industrial innovation as the driving force, optimize the industrial development environment, cultivate leading backbone enterprises, overcome key technologies and key links, promote industrial agglomeration and development, improve the security guarantee ability of big data, and create data Haojiping, member of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and vice president of Xi'an University of architecture and technology, believes that the four in one industrial ecosystem of technology, application and safety should comprehensively improve the ability of big data technology support, data analysis and Value Mining in Shandong Province, cultivate new kinetic energy, and provide services and support for the economic and social development of Shandong Province and the transformation of old and new kinetic energy

top level design, overall planning and coordination. Thoroughly implement the opinions on promoting the development of big data issued by the provincial government, strengthen government policy support and guidance, optimize industrial layout, clarify development priorities, and create a good environment for the development of big data industry

innovation driven, coordinated development. Strengthen independent innovation and guide enterprises to accurately grasp the cutting-edge technology of big data development. We will encourage advantageous enterprises to make collaborative innovation around big data technology, applications and business models, cultivate new business formats, create new models, and seize the commanding heights of big data industry development

application leading, enterprise main body. With enterprises as the main body and application-oriented, build a platform for big data technology and application cooperation and innovation, accelerate the integration and development of big data with all walks of life and fields, and form a benign interactive industrial development pattern

open sharing, security specification. Adhere to the combination of independent innovation and open cooperation, and promote the open sharing of data resources and information circulation. We should attach equal importance to development and security, enhance the ability of information security technology support, and adhere to the orderly flow and standardized utilization of data resources

by 2020, the revenue of big data products and services in the province will reach 100billion yuan, the business revenue of big data related industries will reach 300billion yuan, the infrastructure construction will be basically improved, the industrial innovation ability and technical level will be significantly improved, the technical support and security ability of big data application will be significantly enhanced, and the application of big data in key areas of economy and society will be further deepened. The infrastructure is basically perfect. The technical level has been significantly enhanced. Industry applications were further promoted. Industrial ecology has taken shape

strengthen big data product innovation. With advantageous enterprises as the main body, we should integrate the resource advantages of industry, University and research to jointly tackle key problems, and speed up the software and hardware product innovation and key technology research and development in the links of big data collection, transmission, storage, management, processing, analysis, application, visualization and security. Guided by application, we will promote the research, development and industrialization of big data products and solutions, innovate the mode of technical services, form a number of products, services and solutions that are independently innovative, technologically advanced and market-leading, and create a technologically advanced and ecologically complete product system. Support backbone enterprises to increase R & D and innovation in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, IOT, blockchain, virtual reality and other technologies, and seize the development commanding heights of emerging fields

accelerate the cultivation of key big data enterprises. Expand the main body of industrial development, introduce a number of big data leading enterprises with great industrial influence and strong industrial driving force, cultivate a number of big data backbone enterprises with high technical level, strong market competitiveness and independent intellectual property rights, cultivate a number of innovative small, medium-sized and micro enterprises deeply engaged in the field of big data segmentation, and strive to build a multi-level and echelon industrial innovation main body team

1 some industry elites with keen sense of smell are adjusting their direction from the red sea of traditional packaging

to promote the development of big data industry agglomeration. Further optimize the regional layout of big data, support the construction of "digital innovation commune" in Jinan, guide Jinan, Qingdao and other cities to develop big data related industries in combination with their own industrial foundation and industrial advantages, form a big data industry cluster with distinctive characteristics, prominent advantages and strong radiation drive, and promote the large-scale, innovative and high-end development of the big data industry. Guide enterprises in big data industrial clusters to strengthen technical cooperation and information sharing, build an industrial ecosystem of multi-party cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results, and form a good situation of complementary advantages and coordinated development

promote the innovative application of big data. Further build and improve the provincial E-government public service cloud platform and the provincial government information resource sharing and exchange platform, speed up the opening and sharing of data, promote the development and application of government data, and improve the level of government informatization. Accelerate the construction of industrial cloud platforms and carry out enterprise cloud projects. Promote the application of big data in the whole product life cycle and the whole industrial chain of enterprise R & D and design, production and manufacturing, operation and management, marketing services and other products, and form a new model of data-driven industrial development

strengthen the construction of big data support system. Conscientiously publicize and implement relevant national or industrial big data standards, accelerate the development and promotion of local big data standards, and open up the standard channel for the development of big data industry. Guide all regions and relevant units to plan the construction of cloud computing centers and data centers, further improve and enhance the functions and service capabilities of existing cloud computing platforms, and guide the big data infrastructure system to develop in the direction of green intensification, reasonable layout, appropriate scale, and high-speed interconnection. Improve the big data security management mechanism and build a big data security assurance system. Give full play to the role of industry organizations such as alliance associations to better support the development of big data

create a good environment for the development of big data industry

improve the innovation system. Give full play to the role of Shandong big data industry innovation alliance, and actively explore service modes and service modes that meet the development characteristics of big data industry and enterprise needs. Adhere to the principle of taking enterprises as the main body and market orientation, strengthen the coordination of government, society and enterprises, and the largest field of automotive polyurethane is automotive seats, so as to promote the integration of industrial chain, innovation chain and capital chain. Improve the promotion mechanism of big data industry and establish a big data innovation system combining industry, University, research and application. Support qualified enterprises to actively participate in the top-level design and formulation of national big data standards. Build a number of multi-level innovation and entrepreneurship spaces and incubators, and form a number of "interconnection + innovation and entrepreneurship" demonstration bases

promote data circulation. We will strengthen the opening of government and industry data, gradually expand the scope of open data, and improve the quality of data opening. Strengthen the security of data chain, and ensure the comprehensive security of big data computing process, data form and application value from the perspectives of network security, data security, disaster backup and security management

strengthen talent support. The bankruptcy of Haiba battery marks that the great leap forward expansion line of China's power battery is not feasible. Strengthen the training of big data talents, integrate universities, enterprises and relevant social resources, promote the establishment of innovative talent training mode, and establish and improve a multi-level and multi type big data talent training system. Focus on introducing senior management and technical talents of big data around the world, study and formulate practical distribution policies and incentives, encourage capital, technology and other factors to participate in income distribution, and give appropriate incentives to leaders in the big data industry and talents who have made outstanding contributions. Governments and enterprises are encouraged to carry out big data professional knowledge and skills training for professionals

expand financing channels. Give full play to the role of equity guidance funds such as the provincial information industry development guidance fund, attract social capital to participate in the development of big data industry, and focus on supporting big data core technology research, key equipment and product manufacturing, public service technology platform, major application pilot demonstration, etc. Encourage big data enterprises to pledge loans with intellectual property rights, patents, etc., and encourage industrial investment institutions and guarantee institutions to increase support for big data enterprises

promote pilot demonstration. Pay close attention to the selection of excellent big data products, services and solutions, and strengthen publicity and promotion. Do a good job in the typical pilot demonstration of successful big data application, and explore and form a number of replicable, scalable and optimized emerging technology models, business models or service models for big data application. Strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen work coordination, and build a number of big data industry demonstration parks and bases

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