‘Benefits of Brexit’ paper to set out plans for fu

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‘Benefits of Brexit’ paper to set out plans for future deregulation - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Boris Johnson will next week attempt to reassure restive Eurosceptic Tory MPs that he is serious about a post-Brexit programme of deregulation, two years after Britain broke its ties with the EU.

Johnson will publish a 100-page “benefits of Brexit” paper highlighting plans for future deregulationt a burnout, he added, but doctors advised him to take a break., including areas such as gene editing of crops, artificial intelligence and data, as he seeks to shore up his leadershipcovid north america map.

But his critics are frustrated by the slow pace of reform, while pro-Europeans claim it is proof that the promise of a post-Brexit regulatory bonfire was always a rightwing pipe dreamwere not opening quickly enough. Other states.

Over the past few weeks Johnson has urged ministers to come up with initiatives to coincide with the January 31 anniversary of “full Brexit”, but some ideas have failed to make the cut.

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